Latte Da purchases Ritz Theater in NE Minneapolis

Euan KerrMPR News

August 31, 2016

Theater Latte Da announced Wednesday that it has purchased the Ritz Theater in northeast Minneapolis.

The company has until now performed at venues around the Twin Cities, including the Ritz, but moved its administrative offices into the venue in 2014. Artistic Director Peter Rothstein said the facility allows Latte Da to present what he calls intimate productions of epic works.

"The Ritz is only 245 seats, but the space, the stage itself, is quite grand," he said. "It's a big-sized stage hall. And so we are able to do work that feels epic, that feels large, but it's still that really intimate experience between actor and audience."

Rothstein said the company is excited both to have a new home, and to become a bigger part of northeast. Built in 1928, the Ritz has long been a focal point of the community, but has faced major budget problems in recent years.

"Everyone knew this was a huge asset to this part of the Twin Cities, and the city worked hand in hand with us and the neighborhood to make sure that it remains a theater," Rothstein said. "So it's really a testament to them as much as it is the determination of our board and our donors to see it happen."

Latte Da opens its 19th season in September with a production of "Ragtime."