Individual Giving

Your gift makes it possible for us to provide our audiences with world-class theater experiences and they give our artists the resources they need to create the best possible work with the highest standards of excellence.

As a donor, you join a circle of supporters who appreciate Theater Latté Da’s adventurous, intelligent and visionary work. Your support makes it possible for Theater Latté Da to bring emerging and seasoned artists together to produce new work for the stage, to introduce this extraordinary art form to students through discounted and complimentary admission, and for Theater Latté Da  to remain accessible to the widest possible audience.

Matching Gifts

Click below to see if your company offers a matching gift with your donation.

Donate Stock

Donating stock that has appreciated in value is a win-win move for you and Theater Latté Da. You won’t have to pay capital gains taxes on the profits, the full value of the stock can be deducted as a charitable donation, and you help Theater Latté Da further its mission.

For example, say you own $10,000 worth of stock that you originally bought for $3,000. If you sell it now, you’ll pay tax on the $7,000 profit. (If you’re in the 28 percent federal tax bracket, and qualify for the 20 percent long-term capital gains rate, you’d pay $1,400 in tax. That reduces the $10,000 to $8,600.) But if you give your $10,000 worth of unsold stocks to a charity, the IRS kindly lets you claim a tax deduction for the full $10,000. At the 28% tax bracket that works out to a $2,800 deduction.

It’s quick, it’s easy, it helps Theater Latté Da.

Instruct your broker to transfer stock to Theater Latté Da through:

Ameriprise Financial
c/o Colin Shaughnessy
7601 France Avenue South, Suite 550 Edina, MN  55435
Office: 952.857.1428
Fax: 952.837.1133

Account Name: Theater Latté Da
Account Number: 24291239

Questions may be directed to Colin Shaughnessy, Financial Consultant-Ameriprise Financial at, 952-857-1428.

Corporate Partnerships and Sponsorships

A partnership with Theater Latté Da provides your organization the ability to affiliate with a brand that has become synonymous with quality and innovation. By aligning with Theater Latté Da, you demonstrate a commitment to civic leadership and gain access to unique opportunities for logo exposure, client entertainment and employee engagement. Theater Latté Da will tailor a package to fit the needs and priorities of your company.

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partners support an entire season of Theater Latté Da work. Corporate Partnerships are extremely flexible, allowing your organization to choose its own benefits and create a package that enhances your business goals while having access to unique options to engage employees and entertain clients. Choose from:

  • A block of complimentary tickets to Theater Latté Da productions
  • Special ticket discounts for your entire company
  • Exclusive VIP Ticketing Service
  • Opening Night Celebration invitations
  • An opportunity to host clients at Theater Latté Da’s annual Gala
  • An opportunity to host private events with behind the scenes access
  • Recognition in play programs, lobby signage, and Theater Latté Da’s website
  • An opportunity to host a corporate night at the theater with dedicated signage

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate Sponsors provide support for individual productions at Theater Latté Da. Corporate Sponsors receive featured recognition on all materials for the individual production they’ve selected to support including recognition on subscription series materials, lobby signage, Theater Latté Da’s website, and our electronic email notices.

Opportunities to entertain include complimentary tickets, the opportunity to host private events, and invitations to exclusive Theater Latté Da opening night celebrations.