Thank you for your commitment to our 21st season. Theater Latté Da is one of only a few theaters in the country dedicated solely to producing and presenting new and adventurous musical theater that speaks to contemporary audiences and advances the art form. Thank you for your support!

Institutional Support

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Individual Support

Grand Finale ($25,000 and above)
Carol and Kim Culp
Marti Morfitt and Patrick Weber
Rita and Benedict Olk

Curtain Call ($10,000 - $24,999)
Patricia Johnson and Kai Bjerkness
Bill and Jane Johnson, Noreen Charitable Trust
Nancy Jones
Kathy and Allen Lenzmeier
The Rence Campbell Household
Kathleen and Paul Rothstein
Dick and Diane Wright
Margaret and Angus* Wurtele
Kent Allin and Tom Knabel

*In remembrance

Eleven O'clock Number ($5,000-9,999)

Jane and Ogden Confer
Rob Dingmann and Ethan Reynolds
Timothy Dordell and Kirk Ballard
Ron Frey and Steven Thompson
Lisa and Dan Hoene
Dennis and Nora Hunchar
Jennifer Melin Miller and David Miller
Gary Reetz

Ann and Pat Ryan
Cara Sjodin and Scott Stensrud
Lorri Steffen and Paul Zenner
John Sullivan
Kathy Vaughn
Patricia Zalaznik
Jane Zilch

Show Stopper ($1,500 - $4,999)

Anonymous (2)
Jean M. and Jim Becker
Jack Burbidge
in loving memory of his wife Nancy
Scott Cabalka
Mary and Randy Carlson
Ingrid and Chris Culp
Kirk and Kathy Davis
Fran and Barb Davis
Janet and Mark Ditter
Joe Dowling and Siobhan Cleary
Karla Ekdahl and Peter Hutchinson
Steve Euller and Nancy Roehr
Martha Gabbert
Jeff and Gail Gibbs
Sandra and Edmund Hall
Jean and Jim Hartman
Sandy and John Hey

Jim and Sandi Jensen
Bruce and Jean Johnson
Matt Kiser and Chris Nichol
Christine Larsen and Scott Peterson
Michael and Catherine Lee
Carol Lichterman
Mary and Mark Maher
Jim and Kristin Matejcek
Drew Mattson
Penny Meier
Warren D. Mosier
Kim and David Motes
Curt D. Nelson
Marvel Norton
Dr. Luis A. Pagan-Carlo and
Joe Sammartino
Gene and Pat Radecki
Jaime A. Roman and Jim Bernier

Randy and Tara Roth
Ken and Nina Rothchild
Peter Rothstein and Omar Guevara Soto
Colleen Ryan
The Ryan Family
Thomas Senn and Mark Manion
Ann and Tom Stanley
Jay Harkness and Jean Storlie
Michael and Terri Uline
Libby and John Utter
Bill Venne and Douglas Kline
Ruth and David Waterbury
Marjorie and Irving Weiser
Carol and Tom Windfeldt
Jodi and Jim Young

Entr'acte ($500-$1,499)

Elissa Adams and Michael Margulies
Mary Alberts
Steve Alberts and Jackie LePore Alberts
Albrecht Family Foundation
Greg and Penny Anderson
Jan & Greg Aplin
Stuart Appelbaum and Jean King
Scott Appelwick and Ed Sootsman
Ward and Kathleen Armstrong
Karen and John Arnold in memory
of Peggy Ahcan
Annette Atkins and Tom Joyce
Dan Avchen and David Johnson
Stan and Cindy Bandur
Barbara Brin and John Beal
Mary Beidler Gearen
Les Bendtsen
Judy and Dennis Berkowitz
David and Janet Berry
Scott and Sarah Bjelde
David Bjork and Jeff Bengtson
Jeff Bores and Michael Hawkins
Jean Borgerding
Al Bradley
Shawn Bryant and Michael Grouws
Tom and Barb Burke
Ellen Butler
Virginia and Stuart Campbell
Darlene J. and Richard P. Carroll Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Thomas Caswell & Nancy Tessmer
Sheldon and Lili Chester
Ann and Doug Cooley
Meg DeLapp
Thomas and Mary Lou Detwiler
Adrienne Diercks
Sara and Jock Donaldson
Lucas Erickson
Duane Faber and Peter Couture
Gerald Foley

Ron Fraboni
Ron Frey and Steven Thompson
Matt Fulton
James P. Gearen
Susan Genaw and Lee Humphries
Mark Gilberstadt
Ray Goettl
Lisa Goodman
Richard Gould
Christine and Bill Griffith
Diane Harder and Thomas Eckstein
Shannon Harris
Jeffrey Hatcher
Joanne and Allen Hinderaker
Mark Addicks and Thomas L. Hoch
Steve Horan
Bernadette and Jeffrey Janisch
Sylvia and Sam Kaplan
Gina and Kurt Kastel
Cyndi and Greg Klaus
Scott and Deborah Knight
John Kundtz and Thomas Amon
Al Kvaal
Diana and Kenneth Lewis
Kerry Sarnowski and Susan Lowum
Mark and Barbara Lyons
David and Marilee Mahler
James Lockhart and Janie Mayeron
Mary H. and J. Milo Meland Family Fund
Gretchen Alberts Mellies
Sonny and Amy Miller
Linda and Jim Milow
David and Leni Moore Family Foundation
Sara Mushlitz
Brad and Marta Musolf
Marlys J. Nelson
Karle and Diane Nolte
Mary Weber Nord
James Olson

Jim Payne
Jeffery Perkey and Robert Spikings
Carol Peterson
Mark Peterson and Donna Gibbons
Shannon Pierce and Rachael Kroog
Patti Pinkerton
David Pote and Linda Tapsak
William and Andrew Collis-Prather
Denise Prosek and Milton Ferris
Jeff Reed
Jake and Donna Romanow
Kristin Rothstein
Kathy and Michael Ruhland
Susan and John Ryan
Peter and Mary Sandberg
Linda and Steven Sandvig
Marjorie Schroeder
Paul Schumann
Carol Schirmers
Anne Simpson
Sandy and Neil Spidel Neumann
Stephen Strand
Kevin Streeter
Brian Svendahl
Richard Rosow and
Vicki Underland-Rosow
Bill Underwood and Chris Everett
Diane Van Tassell and Steven Eggimann
Patricia Vayda
Paula Vesely
Michael Wagner
Jay Waldera
David Warner
Kevin Winge and Kevin Shores
Fremajane Wolfson
Michelle Woster and Peter Quale
David Young and Edward Williams, Jr.
Jodi and Jim Young

Overture ($100-$499)

Anonymous (6)
Libby Alberts
Mary Alberts
Susan Albrecht and Nancy Desmond
Robert Allen
Grant Amadio
Matt and Amy Anderson
Vic and Phyllis Anderson
Rita Andrescik
Joe Andrews and Scott Benson
Howard Ansel
Jennifer and Joseph Armitage
James Assali and Michael Mauch
Reade Bailey
John Bale
Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright
Thomas Barber
Diana Bauman
Kathleen Baxter
Robert and Mary Beck
Carolyn Becker-Paulson
Patricia Beithon
Ruth Ann and Jim Benson
Dan Berg and Welcome Jerde
Joan Berg
Chelsea Berglund
Robert Bergstrom
Bill Bertram
Tim Beutell
Marilyn Bierden
Jeannette and Jeff Bineham
Christopher Bineham and Harrison David Rivers
Thomas Boatman
John and Kathleen Boone
Susan S. Boren and Steve King
Dr. Stuart and Sue Ellen Borken
John and Kate Boyle
Bryan Bradford
Mary Brady
Judith and Arnie Brier
Carol Brozic
Philip and Carolyn Brunelle
Stephen Bubul
John Buchholz
Mary Burke
Sheryl Burkhardt
Jennifer Burleigh-Bentz
Jimmy Burnett
Russ Bursch and Lee Mauk
Peter Carlsen and Sylvia Frank
Craig Carnahan
Cindy Carpenter and Gregg Roberts
Brooks Christensen
Darolyn Clark
Burton and Rusty Cohen
Jeremy and Michael Cohen-Elyanow
Ruth Colby
Sheila Cole-Schmitt and Tom Schmitt
David Colwell
Tomie and Jim Conaway
Jeanne and David Cornish
Jeanne Corwin
Gretchen and David Crary
Kathy M. Dahl
Roberta and John Dahler
Tom E. Davis
Jennifer Debrow
Lisa Dethloff
Michael DiBlasi
Alison Didier
Marcus and Cynthia Dilliard
James and Sharon Dimond
Kristofer S. Djupedal
Peter Donohue
Nancy Dorris
Jane Doyle
Jeff Duffin and Andy Groves
Michael Dunne
Linda Eckman
Erika Eklund
Emilee Elofson
Thomas Emmert
Sharon Engel
Robert Englund
Kurt and Sarah Erickson
Hope Esparolini
Maurice Failer
Mary and David Fenske
Karen Fiedler
Sara and Karl Fiegenschuh
Amy and Jack Fistler
Margaret Fitzgerald and Hugh Veit
Terry Fitzgerald and Susan Mendesh-Fitzgerald
Carol and Jon Fjalstad
Deborah Fletcher
Christopher Foss
Tim Foster
Kelli Foster Warder
Jinnet Fowles
Robert Frame
Gene and Charlotte Frampton
Susan Franklin
Patricia Gaarder
Barbara and Bob Gaertner
Fred and Gael Gardner
Leland and Beverly Gehrke
Allen Giles
Robin Gillette

Trey Gladney
Patrick & Elizabeth Goebl
Barbara Golden
Carolee Lindsey and Darolyn Gray
Tom and Jaci Guglielmi
Barb Gurstelle
Katie Guyer and Steve Grego
David Halgren
Peggy Hall and Lee Barry
Mark and Mary Jo Hallberg
Kath Hammerseng and Mo Kennedy
Kristin Harper
Christine Harrison
Morrie Hartman and Michael Bahr
Dr. Daniel Hartnett Family Foundation
Randy Hartten and Ron Lotz
Margie and Tom Hebig
Donald Helgeson and Sue Shepard
Mark and Mary Henderson
Christopher Hermann
Wilbur Hill
Jim and Mary Holland
Joe Holmers
Gail and Jeff Horner
Margaret and Mark Hottinger
George Hudachek
Scott Hugdahl and Leslie Martens
Kathleen and Mark Humphrey
Marcia Hunter
Mary and Jeff Husband
Betsy Husting
Hugh Huston
Wyn Huynh and Bob Zehrer
Mark and Jeanne Innerbichler
Gregg Radecki and Jeralyn Irrthum
Carol Jackson
Diane Jacobson
Jeanne Jacobson
Christina Jansa
Suzanne Jebe
David Johnson
Mary Johnson
Mary A. Jones
Charles and Sally Jorgensen
Scott Kammer
Mark Kappelhoff
Lois Kapteina and David Truckenmiller
Brad Keil
Ann Kim
Susan King
Karen Kirby
Tracy and Craig Knighton
Larissa Kokernot and Karl Gajdusek
Stan Kolden and Glyn Northington
Jonna Kosalko
Mike Kunnick
Joe Kuznik
Mary Kay Langager
Mary Langsjoen
Jane Lansing
Patty Lawrence
Kate and Greg Lawson
Andrew Leshovsky and Louis Berg-Arnold
Andrew Litecky
Catherine J. Little
Rebecca Loader and Michael Ritchie
James Loeffler
Mary and Doug Logeland
Jon Michael Logue
Dennis Louie
Jeffrey Lovich
Peggy and Dave Lucas
Linda Luksan and David Munn
Mike and Diana Magner
Rhoda and Don Mains
Will and Willene Mangham
Joanne Manthe
Susan L. Maples
Wendell Vandersluis and Cynthia Marsh
Vivian and Jeff Martin
Jeff Masco
Jim and Liane Mattson
Ron and Mary Mattson
Paul and Julie Mattson
Robert and Polly McCrea
Peg McKee
Roni McKenna
Lisa McLean
Rebecca McNamara
Julie Meredith
Douglas and Cindy Merrigan
David Miller and Mary Dew
Robert Jardin, Kevin Miller, Izzy Miller-Jardin
Barb Minnerath
Eric Molho
Joan Growe and Thomas Moore
Kate Morton-Peters and Stan Oleson
Bonnie Mulligan and Charlie Greenman
Debra Mundinger
Katherine Murphy
Jack and Nylce Myers
Richard Myers
Margaret Nelson Brinkhaus
Joan Nelson
Robert Nesterowich
Nicholas Nett
Nelson and Beth Neubrech
Lynn Noren

Gary P. Nygaard
Lynn Olson
Paul D. Olson and Mark Baumgartner
Jenneke Oosterhoff
Carol and Keith Ottoson
Sandra Overland
Annie and Chris Palmieri
Jaime Pedraza and Stephen Gronewold
Ron Pentz
Daniel Pinkerton and Jane Johnston
Julie and Jim Podlich
Maryanne Poliseno
John and Anne Tuthill Polta
Sue Porter
Andrea Quanbeck
Debra and Lawrence Que
John Quinn
Ann and Kevin Quiring
Fred Quirsfeld and Linda Campbell
Maria Reamer
John F. Riehle
Allan Riel
Julie Robbins
Shannon Robinson
Patti Rogness
Jamie and Gary Milne Rojek
Susan Rose
Thomas Rosen
Rodney Rowe
Bonnie Russ
Jean Ryan
Sandy Ryan and David Myhre
Ann Kathryn Ryan
Cal and Claudia Ryan-Mosley
Sue Salmela
Dorene and Ed Sarnoski
Gregg M. Sawyer
Nancy Saxhaug
Jill Schafer
Julie Schaper
Heidi Schellhas
Bill Schoppert
Meg Schuller
Trish and Ralph Scorpio
Dan and Cyndy Seeman
Sharon and Stephen Segal
Miriam Seim
Jack and Susan Sell
Marsha and Joel Seltz
Carole Senty and Richard Miller
Kelly Sharp
Gale Sharpe
James Sheeley
Robin Shima
Mariana and Craig Shulstad
Tonia Shupien
Lorri Sills
Nancy Slaughter
Jim and Cindie Smart
Tom Smith
David Smith
Bruce Smith
Olivia Snortland
Linnea Sodergren
Anthony Sofie
Wendy Sommer
Dr. Michael Spencer and Lori Wilson Spencer
Susan Stamson
Jennifer Starr and John Waddle
John Stefany and David Odenbach
George and Janet Stevens
Elizabeth Stevens
Virginia Stewart
Marcia and John Stout
Judy Stuthman
Donald Sullivan
Craig and Janet Swan
Kari Swan
Chuck & Jennifer Tatsuda
Jean Taylor
Jennifer, Daniel, Raina, & Zoey Tenenbaum
Axel Theimer
John Theurer
Doug Tiede
Paul and Ruth Tillquist
William T. Turcotte
Stephanie Untiedt
Sara Ursin
Angus Vaughan
Tammi Veale
Matthew and Paul Vork
Marlys Weber
Corliss Weeks
Tammie Weinfurtner
Carol and Sandy Weisberg
Lisa Welch
Tammy Darrah Wenberg
Gary and Andrew Whitford Holey
Elizabeth Wiens
Frank and Frances Wilkinson
Jim and Martha Williams
Sally Wingert and Tim Danz
Mike Wolsted
Ann Wynia
Jane Young
David Young and Edward Williams, Jr.
Mark and Penny Ziessman


Places ($50-$99)

Mary Adair and Gerald Jorgenson
deEtt Allen
Carole Anderson
Linda Aronson
Timothy Backous
William Bahl
Alice and Bob Bakken
Paul Chrenka And Martha Ballard
Roger Battreall and Jayne Funk
Meg Benefield
Steve Benson
Susan Bernstein
Ann Biggar
Joseph Bilski
Judith Bird
Paul and Marcia Bjerke
Allen Borcherding
John and Judy Borger
Rosanne Borscheid
John Brant
Peggy Brennan
Joanne and Drew Brockington
Fran Buesgens
Jeannie Campbell
Peggy Crosby
Pam and Tim Dagoberg
Lawrence and Sheila Dalen
Thomas and Mary Darnall
Annie Doughty and Jim Detmar
Cheryl Divine
Kathy Dodge and Steve Downing
Mary Anne Ebert and Paul Stembler
B. Economon
Chris Estee
Anna Marie Ettel
Gary and Connie Fallkenstein
Don Feeney and Diane Carter
George and Mary Kay Fortier Spalding
Alice Fredrickson
Craig Freeman
Gayle C. Gaskill
Manon Gimlett and Thaxter Cunio
Jerome Girton
Duane and Nancy Graham
Nancy Grell
Greta Grosch
Gabe Gusmini
Patricia Haarman
Norma Hanlon
Jaden Hansen
William Haring
Phebe Haugen
Kim Havey and Mike Bisping

Judith Hawley
Laura Heglund
Jelan and James Heidelberg
Janet Herbert
Russell Heuckendorf
Shellee Hintz
Catherine Holtzclaw
Carol Hondlik
Marcy Horwitz in honor of Julie Schaper
Ellen Hughes
Kathleen Humphries
Mary Ites and Michael Stuart
Sandy Jacobsen
Foster Johns
Joe Kandiko
Madonna Kasbohm
Linda King and Robert Schauinger
Mary Kokernot
Brian Kraft
Jocelyn Laberge
Jon C. Lahann
Diane Landis
Judy Larsen
David Larson
Roma Lee and James E. Rasmussen
Sally Leighninger
Shelly Leshovsky
Kristie Lester
Jennifer Lewin
Edward Linder and Stacey Poirier
Pamela and Frederick Lott
Jolene and John Madden
Duayne Malewicki
Cookie and Paul Mandell
Kristine Mandler
Robert and MaryEllen Manske
Jennifer Marshall and Matthew Haines
Barbara and Tom McClellan
Martha M. and James P. McDermott
Mary McGuire
Margaret Michaelson
Mary Miesle
Jean Montgomery
Nicholas Naumann
Susan and Jeff Nelson
Laura Nelson
Zachary Nelson-Winters
Lynn Olds
Margaret Olson
Kathleen O’Malley
Elizabeth O’Mara
Jean Orbison Van Heel

Agneta Parr
Lowell Parsons
Jeanne Peltier
Susan Pelton
Cara Pester
Carole R. Peterson
John Pikala
Deborah E. Pollak
Diana Postlethwaite
James Ramlet
Barb Michaels-Rauen
Jim Reininger
Marilyn Riederer
Daniel Riehle
Michael Robins
Scott Romane
Judy Romanowich Smith
Pat Rosaves
Steve and Kris Rose
Elaine Savick
Elaine Gaston and Mark Scannell
Richard Scarlett
Jeanne Schleh
Dianne Schmiesing and Victor Zupanc
Robert and Margaret Schwob
Katie and Ken Searl
David Sebberson and Meg Lewis
Wendy Short-Hays
Lisa Sinclair
Lisa Slazl
William Smith
Roxanne Soth
Tamara Statz
Nanette Stearns
Andrea Nordick-Stone
Claire Stortz
Susan Summitt
Javen Swanson
Hildy Swedean
Kay Thompson
Harv Thompson and Richard Klemm
Anna and Bob Tift
Susan Rose
Corinna and Andrew Troth
Tom Twiss
Cathy Waldhauser
Nancy Walton
Julie Barnes Weaver
Lori-Anne Williams
Mary Wingfield
Marie Wolf
Maryann Wycoff

Will-Call ($49 and under)

Anonymous (4)
Fran Abbott
Renee Anderson
Sasha Andreev
Matt & Nancy Andrew
Brian Ashbach
Libi Baehr and Isaiah Kirshner-Breen
Susan Bardill
Paul Bauer
Diane Beck
Rebecca Benstead
Marcelline Berg
Eric Brook in honor of Cat Brindisi & David Darrow
Peggy Burke
Joan Carlson
Cathy Carlson and Gerry O'Sullivan
Nancy Carlson
David and Louise Chalfant
Jill Chamberlain
Albert Choy
Sharon Christensen
Marianna Como
Mary Conklin
Sean Connolly
Stewart Corn
Brad C. Eggen
Rebecca Eilers
Alisa Eland
Kathryn Eliason
Constance Evingson
Ryan Feltman
Nancy Garland
Gillian Gauntt
Linda C. Giacomo
Kim Gibson
Sue Gillman and Linda Ireland
Rudy Guglielmo
Paul and Kate Habegger
Robyn Hanscom
Marlys and Norman Harris

Evis Harville
Ann Hauser
Katie Hey
Elizabeth Hinske
Michelle Hixon
Nancy Holmberg
Charlyne Hovi
Christine Jenkins
Kristi Jereska
Jill S. Johnson
Emily Johnson
Sandra Korlath
Stephen Koslow
Emily Kotchman
Joy Leibman
Joe Linn
Terri and Katherine Lipelt
Daniel Lori
Cindy Lutz
Janet Mackenzie-Polanski
Katherina Manoharan
Kathryn McGlynn
Judith Mellinger
Georgette Micheletti
James Miner
Jodi Mooney
Gregory Moritko and Connie Vincent
Sallie Neall
Brooke Nelson
Kari Nelson
Carla Noack
Hugh and Mary Norsted
Sara Ochs & Adam Whisner
Ruth Ormiston
Katharine Pennell
Katherine Perry
Jeanne Phenow
Doris Rausch

Bonnie Reiland
Larry and Geraldine Retzlaff
Danielle Ricci
Mary Riordan
John Rogers
Steven Rosenberg
James Roth
Ann Schmidt
Barbara Shelton
Katherine Sidla
Jackie and Stephen Sinykin
RaeAnn Sogge
Danielle St. Germain-Gordon
Janet Stine
Kate Stites
Nathan Stohlmann
Alex Stone
Patty Strandquist
Julie Stroud
Steve and Harriet Swartz
Lois Sweeney
Deborah Thorp
Amber Thorson
Janet Tollund
David Toms
Johanna Tweedy
Dick VanWagner
Daniel Vogel
Jennifer Volkman
Sue Wagner
Mary Claire Wahlberg
Grimaldo Walker
Betty Wallien
David Wark
Charlene Washburn in memory of Gay Prosek
Wendy Weckwerth
Victoria West
Shelley White
Jenna Zark and Pete Budd
Heidi Ziemer
Michael Zis

You can have a significant impact on Theater Latté Da’s future. Please
consider adding a bequest in your will naming Theater Latté Da on your
insurance policy or retirement plan or by donating gifts of stock at any time.
We simply could not achieve our goal of exploring and expanding the art
of musical theater without you. For more information about planned giving,
contact Libi Baehr at

In-Kind Supporters

Dan Avchen and David Johnson
Chocolat Céleste
Fran and Barb Davis
Laurie DeMartino Design
Rob Dingmann and Ethan Reynolds
Hammel Green & Abrahamson
Jay Harkness and Jean Storlie
Nancy Jones
Mary Meighan, David Ingbar, and Jake Ingbar
Minnesota Public Radio
Northeast Social
Peter Rothstein and Omar Guevara Soto
MyTalk 107.1
The Sheridan Room
Jim and Cindie Smart
Stagetime Productions

Season 21 Production Sponsors

Kent Allin and Tom Knabel
Kathy and Allen Lenzmeier
Dick and Diane Wright
The Rence Campbell Household
RBC Wealth Management

Legacy Circle

We gratefully recognize the following individuals who have chosen to include Theater Latté Da in their estate plans. These estate gifts will sustain our artistic excellence and fiscal health for years to come:

Marcia Aubineau
Mary Ebert and Paul Stembler
Patti Pinkerton
Kevin Winge and Kevin Shores
Bill Venne and Doug Kline
John Hemann
Stephen Fischer

We would like to extend a special thanks to Allianz Life for supporting Season 21 and Theater Latté Da’s Senior ticket access program.

 Funders are listed for the past 365 days as of December 31, 2018. Please accept our apologies for any errors or omissions, or if you have included Theater Latté Da in your estate plans, but are not listed here, please contact Libi Baehr, Development Manager, at 651-204-6852 or for corrections or more information about how you can make a contribution today.