Old Wicked Songs

September 17, 2008.By Kate Iverson, The Rake.

If you weren’t quick enough to snag tickets to the sold-out Little House show don’t dispair – the Guthrie will make it up to you with Theater Latte Da’s stellar production of 1996 Pulitzer Prize nominated Old Wicked Songs. This dramatic tale is wound around the music of Robert Schumann, whose Dichterliebe (Poet’s Love) builds up and follows the events occurring on stage. A young and promising pianist going through a creative dry spell is inspired by an aging musician who helps re-ignite his passion for the art form, taking them both on a wild and inspiring emotional journey. The Guthrie notes that this production contains “strobe lights” and “haze,” so aging drug users and those prone to epileptic seizures beware. After the show, take siesta at Cue Restaurant and indulge in some of their delicious polenta fries to cap the night off right.

7:30pm, Guthrie Theater, 818 2nd Avenue S., Minneapolis, $18-$34