March 8- April 15, 2017
The Ritz Theater

Written by John Guare • Directed by Peter Rothstein

Featuring Mark Benninghofen, Sally Wingert, and JuCoby Johnson

Inspired by the real-life con artist David Hampton, this witty and sincere social commentary wrestles with the human desire for meaningful connection. Paul, a young black man, convinces wealthy white New York couple Ouisa and Flan Kittredge that he is the son of Sidney Poitier. Enraptured by his intellect and charm, the couple invite him to stay the night. However, Paul's ruse is soon undone leading to discoveries which leave them all forever changed. Nominated for four Tony awards, Six Degrees of Separation is a singular tragicomedy on race, class and manners. Peter Rothstein directs a stellar cast of actors and musicians who inhabit and underscore John Guare’s riveting drama. This production contains full-frontal male nudity, strong language, and adult situations. 



Six Degrees is Rothstein’s most substantial foray into a nonmusical on Latté Da’s stage.
— Star Tribune
Fresh, smart staging.
— The Pioneer Press
Beautifully acted, intelligently designed and staged, and well worthwhile.




Director: Peter Rothstein
Associate Director/Scenic Designer: Kate Sutton-Johnson
Costume Designer: Kate Fredrickson
Lighting Designer: Barry Browning
Properties Master: Abbee Warmboe
Dialect Coach: Keely Wolter
Stage Manager: Tiffany K. Orr
Assistant Stage Manager: Todd Kalina
Production Manager: Allen Weeks
Technical Director: Bethany Reinfeld
Scenic Artist: Dietrich Poppen
Master Electrician: Merritt Rodriguez
Light Board Op/House Tech: Micayla Thebault-Spieker
Wardrobe Supervisor: Mary Farrell
Costume & Hair Assistants: Anders Bower and Carrie Monroe
Stage Management Intern: Shanna Frasier

Electricians: Phillip Uttech, Jeremy Ellarby, Tierra Anderson, Brent Anderson, Megan Winter, Emmet Kowler

Carpenters: Tyler Waters, Sean McQuiston, Bill Cassidy, Alex Huston, Natascha Plouff